Support for NEET in North Wales


This database is the result of a mapping exercise to capture those organisations who deliver provision and support in North Wales, in line with the Careers Wales five tier model.

This exercise is a requirement which enables the national implementation of the Youth Guarantee. As part of the Youth Engagement and Progression Framework (YEPF), all Local Authorities in Wales are required to produce such a baseline for their region. This resource is focused on the support and provision in North Wales for young people, mostly in ‘Tier 2’.

The North Wales Economic Ambition Board, in partnership with the Regional Engagement and Progression Coordinators, has enhanced and added value to this mapping exercise by transferring the information into a visual and electronic format on-line. It is anticipated that professionals who work with young people aged 16-24 needing support and provision to enable them to move into education, training or work, can use this resource to search and filter for specialist organisations in North Wales.

We update this resource on an ongoing basis. Contact us to add your organisation to the database, give feedback or general comments.

Note: We do not manage any referrals ourselves, or give any advice. Please get in touch with the relevant organisation directly.