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Introducing Enbarr Foundation, a recently formed Social Enterprise to support the local community in upskilling and bridging the gap to employment and wellbeing.

We are committing time and resource and a mechanism to inspire young people, along with the long term unemployed, ex-forces and their families, gain the support required to enter the labour market and maintain sustainable long-term employment to contribute towards the regeneration of the local communities.

Community Regeneration – We will raise awareness by upskilling and creating a positive impact on our community, environment and our people.

Increase Disability Employment Opportunities – We will educate, support and train businesses and communities locally to maximise awareness and improve opportunities.

Inspiring the Future Generation – We will commit time and resource to support our next generation through school / college engagement programmes to inspire young people to be innovative turning ideas into projects.

Our Local Growth Commitment – We will guide and support businesses along with entrepreneurs in business planning, marketing and growth to create further employment opportunities.  Providing an ongoing commitment to nurture business start-ups to succeed.

Enbarr will be supporting people most at risk in our communities to obtain an insight into different industries, gain an accredited qualification and have an opportunity for work placements at the end of the course through Employer interviews.  Enbarr will provide ongoing support to review personal achievements and support opportunities in employment or further education.  The support is aimed at individuals and families to educate life changes within the household environment by tackling housing, debt, health and addictions working in conjunction with local agencies for additional support.

Our Community SPACE will offer a variety of services to increase social inclusion and move people closer to the labour market.  Key engagement areas:-

  • Craft clubs and local artist sales
  • Interactive courses
  • School engagement programmes
  • Healthy eating and healthy living awareness
  • White goods re-sale

For more information please call 01244 560644 or send ourselves an email to

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Rhif ffôn: 01244 560644

Enbarr Enterprises Limited, 62 Station Road,
Queensferry, Sir y Fflint

Enbarr Enterprises Limited

Enbarr Enterprises Limited, Station Road, Queensferry, Deeside, UK